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Artistic Flame Artisan Boutique SPAN Silent Auction

The Artistic Flame Artisan Boutique Silent Auction for SPAN

Artistic FlameThe Artistic Flame Artisan Boutique has Silent Auction for SPAN. The Artistic Flame hosted their fourth Artisan Boutique and sale featuring quality, handcrafted products made locally by talented artists in your own community. The Artisan Boutique is coordinated by Debra Soreff, executive director of The Artistic Flame, Susan Gist of Ezria Designs and Nancy McPherson of Gracearte.

Shoppers were delighted to find jewelry by Archaeologico, creations by By the Bay Creations, fused glass Chill Fire Glass, textiles by Deca Wrap, accessories by Designs by Leslie, silver jewelry by Ezria Designs, gourmet baked goods by Frosted and Fabulous, mixed media art by Gracearte, fabulous bags by Jenilu Bags, gemstone jewelry by Mac Designs, recycled leather purses by Mary Daughterty Designs, jewelry by Puddin’ & Peanuts, stoneware by Quirk-n-Bach Pottery, pop art by Ramon Matheu Pop Art, jewelry by Tracy Menz Designs, children’s book and paintings by Sometimes Sleep, handmade soy candles by Twinkle Candle Company, and wood turned art by Wood Art for Living.
The Artistic Flame Artisan Boutique featured a silent auction with items donated by participating artists. All proceeds from the Artisan Boutique Auction benefited SPAN

Jing Ying

Business Spotlight: Jing Ying

Jing Ying group photoA local martial arts school has been raising money for SPAN for the last 7 years. Jing Ying institute, a Kung FufTai Chi school owned by Nancy and Billy Greer, has organized a silent auction that begins at the end of October, when Nancy begins posting the donated items on the web site, and culminates in December, with a holiday party. In 2011 Jing Ying raised $6,000 and collected over 500 lbs of food for SPAN.

From the time they acquired the ling Ying school in 2004, Nancy and Billy have made fundraising for charity an important part of their program.

Billy: “In 2004 we had taken over ling Ying suddenly, without much planning, to save it. Our whole family had been involved, and we didn’t want to see it close. That first year we were struggling to see if we could keep the doors open, learning the ropes as we went along. When we were planning a cultural activity for the Chinese New Year, the devastating tsunami hit East Asia, so we morphed that New Year’s celebration into a fundraiser. We were really pleased about the support from the community.”

In 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, ling Ying raised money for an organization that takes care of developmentally disabled people-The Arc; their homes in New Orleans had been destroyed. That year Billy and Nancy also realized that there was much need in the community surrounding ling Ying.

Nancy. “After hearing the Severna Park Chamber of Commerce talk about SPAN, to us they seemed like the perfect local group to work with.”

Jing Ying’s fundraisers foster a sense of togetherness, not only drawing in residents and local businesses, who make generous donations, but also involving many of their Kung Fu and Tai Chi students-adults and children.
Nancy: “For the students it’s more than learning a physical
art -Kung Fu or Tai Chi. When we do things like the silent
auction for SPAN and other fundraisers, the students bond
together and they feel good about doing something for the
community. “
Billy: “One of our favorite things about the silent auction
for SPAN is that every year we find secret talents in our
students. They might donate items such as their own
artwork, home brewed ale, home made soaps and perfumes,
or hammered silver jewelry.”
Nancy: “I had a table ‘By Kids, for Kids.’ One kid made
some origami designs; another drew a wonderful picture of
the judges at one of our Kung Fu tests.”
In 2010, to celebrate ling Ying Institute’s 10th anniversary, Nancy and Billy wanted to raise $10,000 for charity, and they did. In addition to the silent auction for SPAN, they held a “kickathon” and a Caribbean theme party for CARE to aid victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
Billy: “We’re a small organization, but we’re happy for Whatever we can do for the community.”