Former Executive Board Treasurer

Karen Williams

Karen Williams

Karen Williams, Senior Systems Consultant, was SPAN’s Treasurer on January 2013-October 2014. For over 30 years Karen has been involved in finance and accounting management roles with expertise in numerous industries, including universities and a variety of businesses. Her experience also includes accounting and finance policy and procedure creation, and she has engaged in accounting for non-profit organizations. Since 2013, she has had her own business, Browndogs, L.L.C., acting as the Controller/CFO for a number of clients and providing all aspects of accounting and financial management. Karen joined the SPAN Board as a volunteer, she said, because she wants a chance to give back.
A long time resident of Severna Park, Karen is married with 5 children— (2 of whom are serving in the U.S. Army). She is a member of Bay Area Community Church, one of SPAN’s 13 partner churches. SPAN welcomes Karen and thanks her for her service.

Board President

SPAN Inc. Board President

Dona Weingarten

The four letters in our name—S-P-A-N—which now stand for “Serving People Across Neighborhoods,” represent not only our mission but also the love, kindness, compassion, and generosity of our staff and volunteers, our member churches, and the people of the surrounding communities who give of themselves and their resources so that SPAN may give to neighbors in crisis. Those of us who work for and with SPAN are proud of our organization; daily we are inspired to do as much as we can to contribute to the relief, strength, hope, and well being of fellow human beings.

Former Executive Board Secretary

Former Executive Board Secretary

Debbie was SPAN’s Executive Board of Directors Secretary-February 1997-May 2014.


Debbie Tocknell

SPAN – such a short acronym for such a wonderful organization. We are blessed to be an organization that helps people in need. People are at their most vulnerable times in their lives when they come to SPAN. The volunteers at SPAN greet them with respect and a willingness to help. Through the years, I have watched some of the volunteers’ lives be touched by the people we serve. Each day holds similarities, but each day is totally different. A SPAN volunteer never knows who will walk through that door. Being on the Executive Board and ultimately on the SPAN Board has afforded me the opportunity to see the organization as a whole. Serving over ten years, I have seen SPAN blossom into a thriving help organization and that could not have happened without the support of the churches and the greater community. We are blessed by the people on the Board and the churches they represent; we are blessed with a group of dedicated volunteers who work under the excellent leadership of our Director and Associate Director. Every day SPAN’s staff deal with many unique and sometimes overwhelming challenge; but they are always reassuring and nurturing and work extensively to get a full understanding of the client’s problem. Our volunteers never falter, they never give up, and with the endless effort of our volunteers – SPAN is making- A DIFFERENCE TODAY THAT WILL LAST FOR MANY TOMORROWS