birthday party

Olivia and Seth Birthday for SPAN

Olivia & Seth D. Celebrate Their Birthdays For SPAN

BIrthday Party GroupOlivia and Seth were celebrating their 33rd birthdays with a backyard BBQ. In lieu of presents, they asked their guest to bring food donations for SPAN. Through the generosity of their friends, Olivia and Seth brought bags of food to SPAN filled with dried pasta, canned vegetables and tuna, pancake mix, and other items.

When asked how they became involved with SPAN, Olivia said, “When we moved to this area last fall, we became involved through the holiday sharing program. This program reminded me that even though Severna Park has many residents with means, there are always families struggling among us. We have been blessed in many ways and we
want to be good stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us, and we are fortunate that our friends felt moved to be generous. The amazing thing about asking friends to come together to help is that every friend’s small contribution adds up to much more than any of us could do on our own. And a birthday party is a fun way to make a difference”!

Join Olivia and Seth in showing your support for SPAN. Have a party, food drive or fundraiser for SPAN.
Donations can now be made on line through safe and secure Pay Pal. IT’S EASY- Just go to SPAN’s website Home
page (, go to bottom of page and click on the Donate. All donations are tax deductible
and a receipt will be provided. (Please note neither SPAN or PayPal will collect or use your personal
information for any purpose beyond this transaction).