We’ve Grown

The Growth of SPAN!

Pat Pyles SPAN volunteer

Pat Pyles leadership continues to help SPAN grow. One of two volunteers who made SPAN’s renovation and addition possible, served as the general contractor. Pat took on the SPAN project because he was looking for a community service opportunity: “I had just left a 20-year engagement working with Rebuilding Together (formerly known as Christmas in April) looking for something different to do. Nancy Burns, a member of the Severn River Lions Club and my next-door neighbor, mentioned that SPAN was about to put on an addition; this was right up my alley.”
Not many contractors donate their services as Pat has done. Pat’s philosophy is that “community service is something that you do…it was part of the way I was raised.”
The project took two years, beginning with demolition of the small porch on March 31, 2012 and ending in February 2014. The biggest challenge of the project for Pat was that he wanted it to be an all-volunteer effort. “When I first started out, I’m so used to doing this that my ego said, ‘We can do this. No problem,’ neglecting the thought that I no longer have an organization like Rebuilding Together behind me, one that had lists of volunteers and that was used to getting lots of volunteers for construction projects.” Nevertheless, Pat thinks that about 60% of the project was done with volunteers and a number of businesses contributed free or discounted materials. (As a result, the project finished at $3,494 under the Board of Directors-approved budget.)
According to Ted Mathison, Project Manager, “Pat agreed to take on the project during the depths of the recent recession, which was difficult. While struggling to keep his own business viable, he still found the time and resources to move the SPAN project forward. He lined up numerous contractors who were willing to donate their labor, and sometimes the materials. This was no small feat because the contractors had their own businesses to operate. In addition, Pat was tireless in finding and bringing on board the many volunteers without whom the project would not have been financially feasible.”
SPAN is exceedingly grateful to Pat for the time he gave to the SPAN project as well as his connections with volunteers and donors. What perfect timing that he happened to be looking for a community service project when SPAN needed someone to help make our building up to snuff. Thank you, Pat, for your generosity and fine work.


House was constructed prior to the 1960s when Our Shepherd Lutheran Church acquired the property. In 1990 the Church made the house available to SPAN, which opened April 2 under the sponsorship of 6 area churches, who saw a great need to help area neighbors in crisis.

We Didn’t Do It Alone!

Many thanks to all the businesses, organizations and individuals who gave of their time, talent and donations!

List of Volunteers
Who Worked on the SPAN House Addition and Renovation

All American Plumbing
Anne Arundel Fire Protection, Inc. – Mike DiGirolomo
American Remodeling Corp.
Baines Construction – Tom Baines
Barton Commercial Ceilings and Interiors, Inc. – Dick Barton and Mike Clouser,
Earl W. Bohlman & Sons Electric – Randy, Craig, Josh and Chuck Bohlman
MVM Plumbing – Mike and Sean Miller
Opportunity Ministries Recovery Houses

Working Women in Construction, PO Box 709, Mayo, MD, 21106
Monica Pineau
Johnny Pineau
James Thornton
Lynn Adams
Edwina Spence
Marina Wright
Bill Burns (Babco Contractors)
Kenny Vodusek (Babco Contractors)

Severn River Lions Club, PO Box 118, Severna Park MD 21146
George Councill
Rhine Jager
Bill O’Neil
Bill Stack
Dale Strait, leader
Ken Tschantre
Ollie Wittig
Bill Zelenakas

Boy Scout Troop 339
c/o Woods Memorial Church, 611 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Severna Park, MD 21146

Scouts   Adults
Brad Agee Pete Freeman
Braden Smith      Ryan Agee
Will Bieri Karen Agee
George Bieri Michael Smith
James Bieri Bryan Cooper
Ben Dearing
Jack Reiners
David Ellwood
Patrick Hofstedt

Boy Scout Troop 918
c/o Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, 400 Benfield Rd. ,Severna Park, MD 21146

Ryan Matels
Mike Mayers
Sam Wood
Quinn Freeman
Eric Kreutzberg
Andrew Morgan
Hunter (Andy) Reid

Individual Volunteers

Ben Agee
Tom Baines
Lolly Bieri
Robert Bieri
ElQuire C. Brown
Ryan Buhrer
Mark Corbman
Linda Curry
James Dougherty
Jack Fowler
George Henson
David Hasting
Edward Huelsenbeck
John Hunter
Eric Johanson
Brian Judge
Randall Kamischke
David Kenyon
Robert G. Marshall
Todd Marshal
Gregory McClain
Tom McGovern
Roger McWilliams
John Meade
Bob Moreland
Ian Morfeld
Margret and Tom Nappi
Patrick O’Brien
Randolph Pack
James Peery
Aaron and Hong Zhang Pesetski
Doug Pringle
John and Lauri Przybysz,
Michael Ragolio
Carl Seaman
Preston A. Schumann
Seau Siegert
Michael Tine
Jeffrey Tirschman
John Veach Frenchie Verrier
Burnell Vincent
David Wallace
Dona Weingarten


Severn River Lions Club construct Handicap Access Ramp


It took only one week for the Severn River Lions Club to construct SPAN’s new handicapped access ramp. The Lion’s are well known for their help of visually impaired people and those with hearing deficiency and many other services to the local community. The leader of the ramp project, Dale Strait, said, “The Severn River Lions got involved in ramp projects some time ago helping Partners in Care and Rebuilding Together.  We have members with lots of experience building ramps….This was a unique ramp because it was built to County commercial code—the materials are heavier and there is more support The ramp is going to be there for a long time.” The Lions’ motto is “We serve.” Other Lions involved in building were Bill O’Neil, Bill Stack, Ken Tschantre, Ollie Wittig, Bill Zelanakas, and Ted Mathison.