Volunteering for SPAN

SPAN Relies on Volunteering

The backbone of the SPAN organization is the volunteers. They spend endless hours helping our neighbors in need. Our volunteers are reassuring and nurturing and work extensively to get a full understanding of the client’s problem. Every day SPAN volunteers deal with many unique and sometimes overwhelming challenges. But they never falter, they never give up. This endless effort of our volunteers has no boundaries and of course no pay. Although we cannot put a value to our volunteers, with approximately 3,800 volunteer hours, the corporate value of our volunteer per hours (in Maryland) is $86,526.

SPAN has many volunteering opportunities, including Interviewers (work directly with the clients), Pantry Workers (they keep our food pantry well stocked) and Board of Directors (Represent our Church Partners). If you would like to part of this elite team, Please call our office at 410-647-0889 or email us at SPANhelps@yahoo.com.

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