Becoming Involved

Ways to Support SPAN Inc.


SPAN has many volunteer opportunities, including Interviewers (work directly with the clients), Pantry Workers (they keep our food pantry well stocked) and Board of Directors (Represent our Church Partners). If you would like to part of this elite team, Please call our office at 410-647-0889 or email us at Find out how you can volunteer.

Monetary Donations

With your involvement, we have been able to help all who have come to us: whether it was helping with food, utilities, and prescriptions or preventing eviction. Please consider having your organization, your neighborhood or your friends do a fundraiser for SPAN. Please remember us in financial donations from events, groups and individual contributions. Thank You. No contribution is too small. Find out how you can help.

Food Pantry

Your gift of non-perishable food to SPAN does make a difference in many of our neighbors’ lives. Without your help, many local families might otherwise go hungry. If you or your club, business or organization or even your neighborhood, such as the West Severna Park Community, would like to sponsor an event to benefit SPAN, contact us at 410 647-0889, email –